“Curing” The Common Cold

I seemed to have come down with a slight cold, and seeing as everyone hates having the cold, this was a good motivator for making a blog post on “curing” the common cold, or in other words, getting rid of it as fast as you can!

Now, I personally don’t use any special remedies, and I thought I’d let you know this has always worked for me.  So instead of selling you an herbal remedy with promises of benefits that haven’t been proven, I thought I would give it to you straight.  I stick to the fluid rule.  Lots of fluids in, lots of fluids out, rid your body of toxins and help your body get rid of what it doesn’t want.

What do I drink?

I drink mainly tea, sometimes just water, every couple of hours for two days, and usually by the third day, my cold is gone.  Any type of tea works fine, I usually switch between different herbal teas, jasmine green teas, and oolong tea; chamomile and sleepy time tea if I want to sleep.

And if you really feel a need to go out to the store and buy healthy ingredients because you think tea just can’t do it…

There is no need to go out and buy tons of ingredients and herbs, you can add honey if you’d like because honey has some great health benefits.  Seeing as I could write a full blog post on honey and it’s benefits, I’ll save that for another time.

And what about if you don’t have the cold yet but you just KNOW it’s coming!

If you don’t yet have the cold, but you feel like you’re about to come down with one, you can also drink orange juice.  I swear by Tropicana orange juice! It may not be organic or fresh, and I’m sure if you’re willing to juice yourself, then fresh is 10x better, but if you don’t have the time, Tropicana work just fine.  I tend to buy 2 small single bottles of orange juice and drink both, one right after the other, when I feel a cold coming on.  Now, it could be because I wasn’t going to get the cold anyways and I was being over cautious, or it could really work because, Well, Hello! Packed with Vitamin C! Either way, I never have a cold when I wake up the next day.

…But I have acid reflux!

Of course if you have acid reflux or you’re sensitive to citrus, then maybe 2 bottles of orange juice may not be the right choice.  But I would recommend some form of Vitamin C in the form of fruits, vegetables, or juices.  And I would also recommend lots of fluids once again.  It’s amazing how much of a difference getting enough water makes in your day to day life.  That said, I’m almost always dehydrated because I always forget to drink enough, but when I do get enough water my skin feels better, my joints feel better, and I breathe better.

Stay healthy this winter! And don’t forget, drink lots of fluids!


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