Spring Teasers

It’s about 40 degrees today in MA, give or take depending on where you are, and although that may sound cold, it sure beats the teens or single digits!

I see the snow melting, almost gone, and I start thinking of how it looks and feels like February and Spring is around the corner! And then I remember….it’s only December.

Here I am teasing myself with pictures of old adventures had in the woods


Remembering life growing out of the dead trees in the Spring


Taking photographs by the water


Running across rocks on the beach




Childhood memories of climbing trees! I can do that again right??


And I throw my shorts on and slide open the balcony door with a burst of energy and a dash of motivation!…

…And the cold air rushes in, and as refreshing as that is, I realize it’s just too cold for this.  I wrap my blanket around me, sit on the couch, curl up with my dog, and go back to my blog….but that name haunts me still…it tells me don’t settle now…


2 thoughts on “Spring Teasers

  1. I love the Robert Frost quote! (is it called a tagline?) Those are some beautiful photographs to reminisce over, as well… Though it’s not quite that cold where I am, I miss short sleeves. Great post!

    • Thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed it!
      That is one of my favorite quotes and I felt like it went well with the title of the blog.
      I’m glad you like my pictures also, I haven’t taken many lately but I’m trying to find motivation to get back into it again.

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