Daily Prompt: Who You Gonna Be…



With the New Year

I choose who I want to be

And I choose me.

For better or worse

‘Til death do me part.

To better myself,

To be like the greats,

Like John Lennon

Or Einstein

Or even the Saints.

I want to be brave,

I want to be strong,

And why can’t I be

If I keep moving on.

I want to be kind,

I want to be fair,

I want to work hard,

I want to show that I care.

To be with my family

And know they’re okay,

To play with my dog

Every darn day.

To travel the world,

Have adventures at sea,

To remember the love

Of all that is me.

And I’ll try new hobbies,

But wont’ forget the old.

And I’ll make new friends,

Whether shy or bold.

And this year will be wonderful!

Fantastic, and free!

Because I chose the best of all,

I chose to be me.


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