A Bird In The Groceries

Yesterday, while Andrew and I were driving home from the movies, we decided to stop in the grocery store next to our apartment for a late night snack.  As we’re walking through the frozen section (which is on the far right in our grocery store – to paint you a picture) we heard chirping up above.  We looked upward, to the left, and sure enough…there was a bird up in the rafters.

Andrew shouted “There he is! I knew I’d see him soon enough.” 

I thought this was odd because I had never noticed this bird before.  Ever. Apparently, he’s been in there for quite some time.  Andrew said he’s seen him many times, flying back and forth, above us all, going in and out of hiding.  Tonight, he was easily heard because there weren’t many of us in the store at the time.   

Most people don’t go to the grocery store after 9pm even though it’s a 24 hour store because they shut off all of the freezer lights and you can’t see anything! Well…I’m sure that’s probably not the main reason people don’t shop there after 9pm, I’m sure it is also due to the sketchy people hanging out in the back parking lot, the drag races that occur and 2am and wake us up occasionally (Seeing as we live next door), the fact that many people are probably already sleeping or getting ready for bed.  

Anyhow, back to the bird.  I felt bad for this bird.  He was all alone, without knowing his way out, without realizing it’s winter outside, with snow on the ground, and all of the other birds have probably flown south.  This poor bird who sees light 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Does he sleep? Does he know what time it is? Can he tell the season? I guess I can be thankful he has a place to stay with regulated temperature and enough food to fill his belly for a life time if he chooses to peck through the sealed bags of sunflower seeds, or whichever food is to his liking.  

I wonder what a bird would choose, had he the option of any food at his leisure.  Would he choose seeds? Chips? Fruit? I think it’s hard to say…and I’ll probably never know. It’s a 24 hour store – does he even find a way to get to the food without anyone catching a glimpse? Is he too afraid to try? 

I wish the best for this little birdie…he’ll be in my thoughts.  Until next time my feathered friend. 


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