Chromebook Love


I got a new Acer Chromebook over the weekend, so far so good! I was going to get the Samsung, but the battery life on the Acer was rated much better (8.5 hours vs 6 hours), while still having all that Samsung had to offer, so I decided to go with Acer.  The battery life is amazing! It says it’s rated for 8.5 hours, but I actually think I’ve passed 8 hours and it still says I have about 3 hours of battery life left.

The only thing I don’t like about this Chromebook is that the touchpad sensitivity only gets so good.  It’s not as great as my Macbook sensitivity or my PC, and of course there is no touch screen, but it’s not terrible, it’s just not what I’m used to.  Chromebooks are made cheaply so they can be light and, well, cheap! It doesn’t have the same quality a regular laptop would have, but if it did, it also would be more expensive and much heavier.

Chromebooks in general are pretty neat.  They have a keyboard, USB ports, HDMI port, SD card slot, webcam, weight 3 lbs or less, almost as small as a tablet, great for traveling, and are much cheaper than tablets! And yet they offer so much more! The only thing of course is you rely only on Chrome apps, but it is Google – so they have apps.  Also, the more Chromebooks are sold, or Chrome as a browser is used, the more apps will be made.  Maybe I’ll finally make the app I’ve been planning to make, but for Chromebooks! This can be my inspiration.  We’ll see..

Anyhow, I recommend Chromebooks for sure! If you’re looking into getting a tablet, but you don’t really want to pay over $400, a Chromebook is just as great, if not better, and about half the price.  The Acer is $199 and the Samsung is $249, both neck and neck for great reviews!


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