Lone Survivor: Remembering Our Soldiers

Lone Survivor

Today was my mothers birthday and every year on her birthday she wants to go to the movies.  We go to a movie every Thanksgiving, every Christmas, every Mother’s Day, and every birthday of hers.  We’ve been doing this since I was in elementary school.

This year, she chose Lone Survivor.  It was a very intense movie.  I liked it a lot, I thought it was very authentic (but of course I haven’t ever been in these situations abroad so I can really only go by imagination and word of mouth).  The main reason I thought it was authentic was actually because I saw a documentary on the making of this movie about a month ago (give or take).  The real ‘lone survivor’ the story is based upon had spoken about the film and had voiced his concerns of what hollywood would make of this event, but in the end he said he was very happy with how the film turned out.  This man, Marcus Luttrell, trained the actors how to hold their weapons properly, how the men would really cover each other, what the experience was actually like.

The event ‘Lone Survivor’ is based on is really amazing given that even one person made it out alive.  The ending reminds you that not all people are bad, not everyone from Afghanistan wants to kill Americans, not every Middle Eastern person is suspicious, not all soldiers would kill children and the elderly, even if it meant their lives would be at stake.  And when I’m saying ‘not all’ here, I’m not saying I think ‘most’ of any of these examples would do these acts, I’m pointing out we lose sight of good actions when we see such bad things happen even just once.  One wrong doing can make you forget all of the good efforts.

While I was watching this movie, all I could think of was I couldn’t do this.  I would not be able to do what these guys did.  I could maybe make it through training and almost die a few times knowing that there are people there to revive me when I pass out, knowing that I push myself until I pass my limit because that’s just how I am, it’s in my blood, but I could NOT go abroad and be prepared to kill someone knowing that I could also be killed, taking several bullets and etc while knowing I have people to protect around me.  That is something I don’t have in me, I have too much fear, too many thoughts that would cloud my mind and impair my judgement of what to do in a time like that.

The people who bash the military for killing people, or participating in war, don’t realize the toll these men take to protect our country.  Why they chose this path, I don’t know, it could be because they wanted adventure, it could be because they didn’t have much of a future, it could be because they actually wanted to protect our country and nothing more.  I’m sure there are many reasons.  But regardless of any reason they choose to do this, there is no doubt they go through much agony to protect what we are as a country, to protect their ‘brothers’, to protect everyone around them, and they don’t get much in return for it.  If we didn’t have an army, I would like to point out we’d probably be in a lot of trouble, because as much as we all want world peace, unfortunately we’re just too far from it.  With what the world is today, with so many different views on how life should be lived, we can do our best to live with each other on this planet, but we aren’t all going to hold hands and sing songs, it’s just not in the cards, but feel free to disagree.  I love John Lennon and ‘Imagine’ as much as the next person, but I’m sorry it’s just not that easy.

On that note, I would like everyone to remember all of the people who have died for us, the US or any country with people fighting to keep them safe.  Whether they chose this job or not, they did their best, they pushed themselves to the limit, and they made us proud.


The Secret Life of Walter Mitty: Surprisingly Compelling


I know the previews looked a bit silly, but Andrew and I decided to see Walter Mitty tonight to open the New Year.  We figured it looked like a movie that was easy to watch, easy to relax, something ambitious and adventurous to get you wanting to move and live.

Well, it turned out to be great! Or at least I think so.  It made me feel like living, like I couldn’t wait to travel again and really experience life.  I’ve always been interested in experiencing life, or seeing the world, hiking mountains, having great adventures, but this was like an extra boost.  Not to mention, great soundtrack and Sean Penn looks perfect in his role.

I’m a dreamer…I’m a planner too, but I also get impulsive and spontaneous.  I have those “zone out” times and I have a bit of a wild imagination, but as Einstein said, “Logic will get you from A to B.  Imagination will take you everywhere.”  And how very true.

I would recommend seeing it.