Motivation for Perfection

I guess this is kind of late, not on the same day the prompt was given, but this was the first thing that came to mind as I read the prompt “Tell us about a time when everything actually turned out exactly as you’d hoped.”

When I was in middle school, I played the trumpet.  I waited for the day I would be able to play for a medal.  In middle school, you go to this event, that if you play an instrument and try to play a song of your choice perfectly, with no mistakes, you will get a gold medal.  Isn’t that always the goal, no mistakes?  But at this event, you go in a room and are judged by one person.  You can get a bronze, silver, or gold depending on how many mistakes you made, hitting the perfect notes, etc.  I really wanted a gold, but I was so nervous.  At that point in my life, I got anxious very easily and I would crack under pressure (luckily I eventually overcame that).

As I walked into the room where I would be judged, I saw a donut on the table.  I thought to myself, if I get that gold medal, I get to eat her donut.  That donut will be mine.

Now, I loved food.  I had dreams where I ate an entire box of ice cream cones in my refrigerator, and sure enough, I would wake up in the morning and really had slept walked and ate them while I dreamt it.  Strange, I know.  I was a fat kid at heart.  I once had another experience when I was half awake and half asleep one morning and as I slowly woke up, I saw a candy bar floating next to my bed, just out of reach.  I reached out to grab it and I fell out of bed.  Literally, fell out of bed reaching for this imaginary candy bar.  That woke me up.  Luckily, I don’t have those dreams anymore, they’re kind of embarrassing, even if you’re the only one who knows about them.

So anyways, this donut.  Here it is on the table, and I keep saying to myself you want this donut, you have to earn it!  I was no longer stressed, I was motivated.  I played my heart out, hit every note, no mistakes.  I got the gold! But of course, I didn’t get the donut.  I wasn’t really going to take this judge’s donut, nor was I going to ask and tell her I deserved her donut for getting a gold medal that many other kids get.

I was lucky enough, however, to have told my parents how I got myself to win the gold – they bought me my very own donut on the way home.  And there I had it, the gold medal AND a donut.  Perfect.

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The Early Bird Catches The Worm

It is amazing how much of a difference in mood you can get from waking up early.  I used to get depressed in the winter and would not want to get out of bed, not for anything.  Eventually, I was tired of feeling so sad and drained and I started making appointments at 7am to get myself to wake up at 6am, exercise early, and have a full day.  (This was when I was in college still so I had a lot more time on my hands).  The change in mood I felt was astronomical.  I felt a huge weight lift off of my shoulders, and eventually, I started waking up at 6am daily without trying to force it.

As I’ve said prior to this post, I had the flu for a couple of weeks.  I still have a cough after 3 weeks + and I hadn’t been able to get out of bed until 8am on any given day even when I’ve had to go to work.  I started feeling upset and stressed out, sad for no reason.  I realized I had to do something.  My first thought was eat healthier.  I used to eat so healthily and lately all I’ve eaten has been crap! Well, it was hard to get healthy meals together when I was waking up late, going to work, and getting home late.  The kitchen has been a mess, which completely kills motivation to even step foot in the kitchen so that was also against me.  The best I could do was microwaved veggies.  Yikes.

Luckily, last night must have been the breaking point for my body, brain, whatever..because this morning I woke up at 7am, the first day I was able to get up before 8am, and my head screamed out get out of bed and get in the shower NOW! And I did.  And it felt amazing, I feel like me again.  My mood has skyrocketed today, I feel great! And it really does make a difference, getting up early. It makes a difference having time to yourself, to plan, get ready, relax, get something done, just have extra time in general, see more daylight.  It makes a BIG difference.  I feel ready for the day, like it’s already going to be a success.

This morning I had time to get up, go get a coffee at Starbuckos (that’s what Andrew and I like to call it), talk to my neighbor for a bit, take the dog out, make a pomegranate (or rather take one apart), read some recipes, and get to work (almost) on time.  Luckily, where I work we don’t really have much of an “on time”.  We have flexible schedules so we can come in earlier or later, as long as we put in 9 hours a day (9/80 schedule).  Of course, we have “mandatory hours”; however, they aren’t very strict unless you really abuse the privilege.

But all that!  All that from waking up an hour earlier! And imagine if I go back to waking up two hours earlier! Then I can add in even more.  If that’s not enough for motivation, I don’t know what is. Maybe I’ll even be able to start putting up blog posts in the morning again. 😉    ….We’ll see.

Spring Teasers

It’s about 40 degrees today in MA, give or take depending on where you are, and although that may sound cold, it sure beats the teens or single digits!

I see the snow melting, almost gone, and I start thinking of how it looks and feels like February and Spring is around the corner! And then I remember….it’s only December.

Here I am teasing myself with pictures of old adventures had in the woods


Remembering life growing out of the dead trees in the Spring


Taking photographs by the water


Running across rocks on the beach




Childhood memories of climbing trees! I can do that again right??


And I throw my shorts on and slide open the balcony door with a burst of energy and a dash of motivation!…

…And the cold air rushes in, and as refreshing as that is, I realize it’s just too cold for this.  I wrap my blanket around me, sit on the couch, curl up with my dog, and go back to my blog….but that name haunts me still…it tells me don’t settle now…